Full service signature book production.

This full service start to finish publishing package will have your very own signature book DONE and on bookshelves within 12 months (if you follow the rules and adhere to the schedule…).

Does this sound like you?

You’re at that time of your life and career where you’re ready to give back.

You want to contribute to the greater consciousness and inspire future generations.

You have tons of wisdom to share and stories to recount.

But here’s the problem.

You don’t really know…

  • How all of your ideas or memories comprise a great, bestselling story.
  • How to actually write or edit that much. What if you spend hours and hours on it and… it’s just not good at all?
  • How to even begin designing a book, copyrighting it, sending it to print…

And how about getting it out there, on bookshelves, online – everywhere your raving fans can find it and buy it?? That whole distribution thing?

Maybe you’ve been told you need a whole list of things to get a book published: affiliate relationships, launch parties, or a national tour of speaking events. Wrong.

Sherpa Press has all of the distribution relationships you need, and a start-to-finish system that will get your book written in the most award-winning fashion possible.


We’ll get on the phone (or Skype) and hash out all of your overall idea or thoughts.

Once we have a sense of you and your project, we will –

  • Hire a ghostwriter who suits the project perfectly so you don’t have to write a word of it yourself (unless you want to).
  • Set up a time for your ghostwriter to interview you and gather all of your anecdotes, stories, events, memories, facts, and lessons learned so every important detail is captured.
  • Brainstorm the most powerful message for your project so you can truly inspire your readers with your story.
  • Find and illuminate the most brilliant parts of your story so your genius truly shines.
  • Work with the ghostwriter on various drafts to perfect the architecture and tone of the book so it’s compelling and sounds like you wrote it yourself.
  • Oversee editing and fact checking to make sure everything in the book is accurate.
  • Hire a book designer to create a unique cover and layout for a beautifully branded book.
  • Check all design proofs and packaging before going to press.
  • Ensure your formatting is perfect for both print and tablets (kindle, nook, kobo, iPad, etc.)
  • Distribute your book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and in Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Manage all shipping of your published brilliance to physical stores.

And… You will also get FOUR cases of books delivered right to you for your own personal use. All packages are fully customized.

You will also get FOUR cases of books delivered right to you for your own personal use.

All packages are fully customized.

Investment ranges from $45K to $100K.



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