Get published within 6 months.

Are you a speaker, thought leader, and overall game-changer?

Are you ready to get published as part of a bestselling book and up your credibility within 6 months?

Look no further.

As a participant in our collaborative book project you will have the opportunity to become a published author – without the cost, time and hassle of writing an entire book yourself – and all within six months.

{Greg S. Reid}, bestselling author, host of Secret Knock, and featured contributor to the “Think and Grow Rich” series releases a collaborative book project every six months.

To date, they have ALL been best-sellers.

Now, you can be a part of this amazing experience. Former co-authors have benefitted tremendously in their careers and businesses, skyrocketed sales, gained multiple-book deals, and opened up more doors and opportunities than they ever thought possible.

As a contributing author, you’ll receive:

  • A featured, published credit as an expert and co-author
  • The chance to promote and show off your book in both digital and print platforms
  • An interview with our ghostwriter regarding the story you would like to share according to the book’s core message
  • Encouragement to offer your full experience and personal values so the audience can get a good feel for YOU
  • Bestseller status and all of the bragging rights that come with it!
  • An entire case of published books for your personal use; and more are available by request!


This is the perfect opportunity for you if:

  • You want to get published but you’re not quite ready to author and publish an entire book on your own.
  • You would like guidance and help as you go through your first experience of being published.
  • You want to gain colossal credibility and a unique calling card for your business and mission.

Your Investment: $5885



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