Don’t deprive the world of your special brand of brilliance.

  • You’re done with “laying low.”
  • You’re too restless to retire.
  • You have a story to tell, plenty of brilliance to share, and so much life experience to offer.

So why the hell aren’t you writing your book yet?

Just because you aren’t sure if your story is “good enough?”

Just because you think to yourself at times …“who am I to write a book?…”

Just because you don’t know how it would perform in the marketplace…

Really? Those aren’t reasons. Because guess what? No one ever knows. Not even Stephen King. And those thoughts say nothing about what YOUR audience needs.

With all that you’ve been through and learned, who are you to NOT write a book?

Who are you deprive the world of your special brand of brilliance?

Please don’t.

You know that a book is the perfect next step for you.

You know that it’s…

  • An opportunity to reinvent and revive your image.
  • A chance to gain some major credibility as a thought leader.
  • A potential calling card for your incredible career.

But still, you’re just sitting on all of this possibility. Why?

What are you waiting for?

A book deal from a “traditional” publishing house?

You don’t have to.

Because not only does working with one of those publishing houses NOT guarantee your sales in any way, shape, or form. It’s also just as pricey as publishing yourself and about as helpful and supportive as doing it all alone anyway! (a.k.a. Not at all…)

Sherpa Press was created specifically to give you the opportunity to share your story without waiting on some fantasy book deal that will never come. We offer complete support from start to finish so you’re never on your own throughout the process. Our mission is to bring your brilliance into the world now, to bolster your business, to reinvent your image, to create a calling card for YOU.


My Story

Allyn ReidFrom small beginnings to giant dreams.

My name is Allyn Reid and I created Sherpa Press because of my undying love for great books and inspirational stories. Some people say that they “started from nothing,” but when I say that, I really mean it. When my family moved to the United States from the Philippines, it was basically like starting from scratch. We’re talking about 7 family members sharing a small studio apartment in Los Angeles just to get by.

Getting thrown into New York City life lent me a ton of invaluable life experience, a can-do attitude and a competitive work ethic. As a kid in those circumstances, though, it was NOT easy. And what got me through it, believe it or not, was reading. Books inspired me to change my thinking, to go after my dreams, to create my own destiny. I would eat up everything from Nobel Prize winners to self help bestsellers and every title made me more knowledgeable, confident, and self-assured that I could build the life and business I wanted for myself. Now, I tell you this not to blabber on and on about my story but to remind you of the power you hold as a thought leader. You have the potential to change lives, expand the consciousness, set humanity on a better path – both for the individual who gets their hands on your book and for society as a whole. Why would you shirk that opportunity? You have an incredible story in you, all you need is the right guidance and support. A few years ago, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the first time. Much like writing a book, it’s a treacherous and scary thing to do all alone for the first time. So I hired a Sherpa to take me up the path and guide my hike so I would be successful.This is the type of guidance I bring to my clients. Having published tons and tons of books, I am here to help you create a product that you can be proud of. You don’t need to wait on a book deal or do it all alone, all you need is Sherpa Press.



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Are you ready to soar?